🌍 Legal Design is a global movement 🌍

Continuing our world tour of Legal Design !

Next up is : Brazil. đŸ‡§đŸ‡·

This week our founder Marie will be discussing the #futureoflaw on the other side of the Atlantic where interest for Innovation by Design practices is growing.

In Rio de Janeiro, we were lucky to meet Ana Paula Ulandowski Holtz who shared her own impressive journey into legal innovation, including legal design for litigation- an area in which we strongly believe.

On Tuesday, Brazilian Supreme Court Justices will share thoughts on the use and benefits of Legal Design as a new approach to legal topics…we cannot attend but hope Carol Hannud will be able to share some insights.

On Wednesday, we will be in Sao Paolo conducting a workshop on ‘BIM PG Business in Motion’ with Hi-LAW and PG Advogados, thanks to Gisele Ueno – discussing our projects and sharing the mindset. With this, our growing community of Legal Design testers expands !

Leave us a message in the comments if you want to join – from Singapore, Paris to Rio 🌞 This gives us #mondaymotivation for the week ahead !

Amurabi Legal Design x PG Advogados