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Pioneers of legal design.

We don’t know of any laws which impose legal documents to be incomprehensible.
We like to dive into complexity to make it accessible: simple, never simplistic.
Our team at Amurabi is a rare combination of Magic Circle legal expertise and cutting edge design skills.
Diverse, innovative at heart, uncompromising.

Amurabi Founder & CEO of Legal Design Agency

Marie Potel-Saville


Marie Potel-Saville combines over 10 years Magic Circle experience at Freshfields and Allen & Overy in London, Brussels, Paris, with EMEA General Counsel experience at Estée Lauder Companies and Chanel, along with a Master’s degree in Innovation by Design at ENSCI. Lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, Singapore Management University and Paris II Assas.

" The legal industry wants to innovate but does not know where to start. We say users first, tech second. "

Geoffrey, Designer for Amurabi Legal Design Agency

Geoffrey Dorne


ENSAD + 10 years of committed design + ENSADLAB researcher + UX designer.

" Design is a human-centric approach. Legal Design makes sense by empowering users. "


Elisabeth Talbourdet

Project manager

While studying law across several jurisdictions at La Sorbonne, Kings College London and Columbia Law School, Elisabeth acquired experience by working for several prominent law firms in both London and Paris.
She was introduced to Legal Design when working in-house and was immediately convinced by this new approach to provide clear and enforceable legal recommendations.

" Taking part in the modernization of the law has always been a personal goal and through Legal Design, I wish to empower users by making the law accessible to all "

Juliette Nier Amurabi Agency Legal Design

Juliette Nier



"I see the law as a means of better implementing design in society and in more concrete, everyday uses. I have the impression that there is a real demand, a real "formal" need to think about texts and other legal supports."

© EnsAD - Béryl Libault de la Chevasnerie

Alexandra Ponzio - Amurabi's Legal Designer and Creative Director

Alexandra Ponzio

Designer & Artistic director

Master of communication strategy through image + 7 years as Art Director for luxury brands and more + Independent creator of graphic design.

" I take on the challenge to make law accessible to everyone through strategic design. "

Mai-Anne Benedic - Amurabi Agency Legal Design

Mai Anne Benedic

Designer & Copywriter

Designer + Copywriter + École Professionnelle Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques et d'Architecture de Paris

" Complexity is my daily life. I like to order it, to shape it, to distil it in order to extract its essence. The denser and more sensitive a material is, the more fundamental the role of design is: that's what makes legal design so stimulating for me, especially in litigation. "

Amurabi is born - Legal innovation by Design


Early adopter

King of Babylon who created the "Hammurabi Code", one of the most ancient legal documents known to date, around 1750 BC. Interestingly, the code was not a document but an object: a 2m high stone stele, carved, and placed at the centre of the city for everybody to see.

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