Amurabi at the Grenelle du Droit

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🌟 Law & General interest: lawyers & companies at society’s service 🌟

Marie, our founder, was invited to be a speaker at the Grenelle du droit, as part of a panel on the topic : “Law & General interest: lawyers & companies at society’s service”, sharing the stage with prestigious speakers such as Bruno Dondero, Nicolas Guerin, Noëlle Lenoir, Ioannis Panoussis et Elie Renard.

Amurabi Agency talks Legal Design at the Grenelle du droit

At the center of the debate was how law must touch all individuals involved, and one way to do it was multidisciplinary cocreation. Cocreation lies at the heart of our Legal Design methodology. The goal is to run projects which will actively involve both lawyers and operational who will apply the legal recommendation.

We also discussed how tech is an opportunity for lawyers and judges, to focus on added value task, and how legal design can benefit accessibility by society as a whole to legal and administrative information.

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