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Geoffrey, Designer for Amurabi Legal Design Agency

Legal Design – A Designer’s view by Geoffrey Dorne

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Nous avons demandé à nos designer de nous donner leur perspective sur la pratique du Legal Design. 

Trop souvent, l’étude du Legal Design est faite par le prisme des juristes et non des designers. Pourtant, il n’y a pas de Legal Design sans designer !

Unbox Compliance Amurabi Legal Design Project

Voici l’interview de Geoffrey Dorne, sur son travail au sein de l’agence:

En quoi les projets de legal design vous intéressent par rapport à votre pratique?

Les projets de legal design sont dans la continuité d’un design centré sur les usages et la compréhension par le design graphique et certains défis contemporains. Ces aspects font office de projets phares pour éclairer, dans mon travail, de nouvelles perspectives.

Par rapport au(x) projet(s) de legal design que vous avez réalisé(s), quelle serait votre propre définition du legal design ?

D’une façon très maladroite « le legal design est une approche du droit par et avec le design pour délivrer un contenu plus juste, plus clair, plus sincère » 

Airbus Amurabi Legal Design Project

Le droit est une matière complexe, souvent aride et jargonneux. Comment appréhendez-vous cette complexité dans votre travail et quels outils/méthodes de design utilisez-vous pour la rendre accessible aux utilisateurs ?

Je m’entoure de professionnels afin qu’ils créent un cadre de compréhension pour moi, qu’ils puissent me transférer une partie de leur savoir de façon pédagogique, et conserver l’autre partie qui m’échappe pour créer un lien de grande confiance.

Designer le droit vous donne-t-il une occasion de résoudre des problèmes, difficultés techniques de design auxquelles vous n’êtes habituellement pas confronté ?

Oui. Une façon pour moi de mettre en pratique le design graphique dans sa pure logique, dans son élégance, dans son rapport à l’exigence typographique. Bref, de faire un design qui a du sens, qui s’appuie sur le sens et non sur une esthétique arbitraire.

Droits des femmes - Amurabi Legal Design Project

Quel serait le texte de droit, ou le sujet de droit que vous rêveriez de designer ?

La future constitution ? 😉

Si le droit était un objet, à quoi ressemblerait-il ?

Une page au format A4. Elle offre un cadre, un standard, mais laisse la liberté de se l’approprier.

Geoffrey, Designer for Amurabi Legal Design Agency
Amurabi Conference in Legal Design

Legal Design as an academic discipline

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🎓 Legal design as an academic discipline 🎓

Legal Design is definitely gaining ground in academia. Thanks to the awesome work of all-star pioneers Margaret Hagan, Stefania Passera, Caitlin (Cat) Moon, Michael Doherty, Dan Jackson to name just a few, majors’ universities and law schools now offer specific legal design courses.

👩‍🏫 We’re happy and proud to be teaching at Sciences Po from mid 2020 on, in the General Counsel Executive Master. Why? Because students asked for it.

👩‍🏫 We’re also super excited to be teaching a comprehensive legal design program at Singapore Management University from February on, including designing contracts clients will want to read, designing data privacy and legal design for real-life compliance.

👩‍🏫 And from the beginning, Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas trusted us to lecture on legal innovation with rock star Sumi Saint Auguste.

💫 So happy to be in such inspiring company and having these opportunities to share views and learnings 💫

Amurabi Conference in Legal Design
LDS2019 Dan Jackson - Amurabi Agency Post

Amurabi's Inspiration Day at the Fondation Louis Vuitton to discuss legal design

Amurabi’s inspiration day – Charlotte Perriand at Fondation Louis Vuitton exhibit

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A fan-shaped eye – Amurabi’s inspiration day: Charlotte Perriand’s exhibit

🔸 Once a month, we work on our strategy in an inspiring location. This time, Fondation d’entreprise Louis Vuitton and “The New World of Charlotte Perriand”, a visionary designer whose approach is still incredibly relevant today.

🔸 The inspiration sources were limitless for Amurabi team, as she put Man at the center of everything she did. A humanist approach to progress, with a “fan-shaped eye” and a deep collaborative spirit. Her iconic laying chair was designed to fit the “new forms of sitting down” defined by Le Corbusier.

🔸 Her commitment to the “formes utiles” collective (“useful form”) resonated, as she explained “useful and beautiful forms reveal the harmony between the demands of materials and creative aspirations”, making art enter into indivduals’ daily life by creating objects that were beautiful but always functional & economical.

🔸 Inspired by her vision of technical progress freeing up men (and women) through beauty and simplicity, we worked all day on the Fondation’s rooftop on our strategy : what could we do differently? what future projects motivate us ?

🌞 Ready to take on the new week !

Amurabi's Inspiration Day at the Fondation Louis Vuitton to discuss legal design
Amurabi's Inspiration Day at the Fondation Louis Vuitton to discuss legal design
Amurabi's Inspiration Day at the Fondation Louis Vuitton to discuss legal design

Elisabeth - Amurabi Legal Design Project Manager

Catching up with Elisabeth – Project Manager

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🎙 Touching base today with our project manager Elisabeth, who has been at Amurabi little over a month !

💬A lot has happened in such little time ! What part of the work with the agency do you like most? « I had an amazing time at LDS2019. Speaking with Marie in front of 600 people was a challenge which turned out so well ! I loved meeting people from all over the world who work in the same field, as we are still a small community in France. »

💬Any aspects of the job as Project Manager that surprised you ? « The behind the scenes of being entrepreneurs can be surprising ! We are a small company delivering big projects. Its exciting to be at the heart of it and see how our projects come to live but also means a lot of hard work. For instance we had to un-install ourselves the exhibition, moving around 2,6 meters high pannels…but we had fun doing it too ! »

💬What are your future goals as part of Amurabi? « I want to keep being as implicated as much possible to really understand the needs of our clients and deliver tailored made results that will make a difference. User centricity all the way ! 🌟»

Elisabeth - Amurabi Legal Design Project Manager

Marie Potel - Amurabi - Interview on Legal Design for Practical law

Marie’s interview for Practical Law – Thomson Reuters

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💎 Behind the scenes – What drives our passion for Legal Design ? 💎

Read up Marie’s, Amurabi CEO, portrait on Practical Law this week (link in the comment)

On inspiring our designers 💭: “I use my skills to see the substance and beauty of the law behind the complexity, and deliver that to the designers in a way that inspires them.”

🙏 Thanks a lot to Claire Atherton and Robert Clay, we are humbled to be featured on Practical Law, as Marie says “A tool, I couldn’t live without in my previous life as a GC!”

Catch’s Marie’s interview here !

Read the Interview!
Marie Potel - Amurabi - Interview on Legal Design for Practical law

Amurabi Legal Design Project for Orange

Interview day at Orange !

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“I’m feeding the machine daily, but the machine does not feed me.”🤖

More often than not, this is what we hear when interviewing users on legal innovation projects. The innovation race is fully on, that’s a fact. 🏎

Many lawyers and management teams still approach innovation as a button they could push to “solve it all” through shiny tools, without looking first at people’s needs, and current processes that might need fixing.

Beyond buzzwords 🐝, how might we ensure that tech available today really benefits the users, and avoid tech for the sake of tech?

That’s precisely what Amurabi is doing in our brilliant new project: designing the adoption strategy of Orange Legal Division digital transformation, partnering with awesome Dominique A., expert in neurosciences & change management 🧠

To us, this is what Legal Design is really about: a multidisciplinary collaboration to put users – humans – at the center of innovation.

Ensuring users own the solutions to change their practice of the law for their own benefit, and that of their clients.👏

Amurabi Legal Design Project for Orange
Views from Orange’s offices

Amurabi at the Serpentine Gallery

Serpentine Galleries Legal Lab

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And just like that, Amurabi’s founder is invited by the Serpentine Galleries’ Legal Lab in London to share learnings on legaldesign. We live for and by multi-disciplinary collaboration.

So what could be more meaningful than being part of an initiative where artists, technologists, academics and practitioners collaborate to foster innovation in the cultural sphere?

Amurabi's intervention on Legal Design at the Serpentine Galleries Legal Lab
Serpentine Galleries, London