Best wishes from the Amurabi team ! 🎉

This past week has been the cherry on top of a truly awesome year at the agency : đŸ„‚

We reached over 1,000 followers on our LinkedIn page đŸ„‚

Thank you all for your support and interest in our approach and commitment to legal innovation by design. We will continue to share our case studies, KPIs, tips and events in 2020, and even more with a few surprises along the way !

We also just finished our first litigation case, where we designed written submissions before a French jurisdiction.

We believe that Legal Design is the future of litigation: visualizing facts, timelines, complex legal reasoning in a concise and crystal-clear way. Not just because judges simply don’t have the time to read lengthy submissions, but also because the top notch litigators with whom we worked found this approach intellectually satisfactory and mentally refreshing. Priceless.

We look forward to continuing this discussion next year with judges & litigators, opening up the field of possibilities !

🌟And of course, we would like to thank all our wonderful clients for the incredible projects we had the opportunity to work on this year.

2020: bring it on!