Catching up with Elisabeth – Project Manager

🎙 Touching base today with our project manager Elisabeth, who has been at Amurabi little over a month !

💬A lot has happened in such little time ! What part of the work with the agency do you like most? « I had an amazing time at LDS2019. Speaking with Marie in front of 600 people was a challenge which turned out so well ! I loved meeting people from all over the world who work in the same field, as we are still a small community in France. »

💬Any aspects of the job as Project Manager that surprised you ? « The behind the scenes of being entrepreneurs can be surprising ! We are a small company delivering big projects. Its exciting to be at the heart of it and see how our projects come to live but also means a lot of hard work. For instance we had to un-install ourselves the exhibition, moving around 2,6 meters high pannels…but we had fun doing it too ! »

💬What are your future goals as part of Amurabi? « I want to keep being as implicated as much possible to really understand the needs of our clients and deliver tailored made results that will make a difference. User centricity all the way ! 🌟»

Elisabeth - Amurabi Legal Design Project Manager