Confined Diaries – 55 days by Amurabi

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Our video is out !

✨Confinement Diaries – Unconfinable creativity✨

What have we been up to during 55 days of confinement ?

🔸3 projects delivered
🔸5 workshops & training
🔸58 super engaged participants
🔸3 prototypes delivered
🔸46 hours spent analyzing StopCovid
🔸3 articles published
🔸55 digital morning coffee with the team ☕

💥 8 min reading time (instead of 20!) of a redesigned privacy policy, our best KPI
🎙 2 Keynote speaking sessions for the Legal Design Virtual Table and prep for #futureofcontracting
🎓 2 sessions teaching legal innovation at Universit Panthéon-Assas (Paris II) with Sumi Saint Auguste
🙌 Countless awesome collaborations with Dominique Ashby
🧘‍♀️Losing patience with kids: a zillion time !
🌱Permanent foodies obsession and never enough flower deliveries …and one horse snorting during one of our workshop

We are also super happy to be launching a new project : the redesign of a purchasing process for a large international player – watch this space ! 🌟