Digital transformation of legal departments: Legal Design, a key to success

By 28 May 2020 June 29th, 2020 No Comments

Watch and re-watch our Webinar in collaboration with the Factory du Cercle Montesquieu !

Amurabi x Cercle Montesquieu - Transformation Digitale

The digital transformation is everywhere, more than ever.

Accelerated digitalization is not limited for lawyers to video calls, collaborative document sharing, or the use of clouds to manage contracts remotely.

Much more substantially, the practice of law by lawyers has been transformed in many areas.

If urgency and constraint have been the first driving force behind the digital transformation of legal departments, how can we succeed “after”, now?
It is the right time to put users back at the heart of the transformation, to capitalize on the learning and good practices born of the crisis, but also to improve what needs to be improved.

Come and share concepts, methodologies, results but also the experiences of our speakers: Olivier Bélondrade, Amélie de Braux, Isabelle Dervaux Blavet, Matthieu Guérineau and Thierry Perrouault.