Fighting January Hill with Legal Design workshops

Today we are happy to bring a bit of sunlight to fight against the January hill, with exciting news:

🔸 Last week we launched a great project for the digital transformation of the legal division of a major listed group to create a global legal platform for IP assets.

🔸 Our CEO & Founder Marie Potel-Saville is travelling next week to Singapore 🇸🇬, where she will be lecturing on ‘The Essentials of Human-Centered Law’ at the Singapore Management University Law Academy on February 6th & 7th 2020.

Registration is still opened here, few spots are still available!

🇪🇺 And for those based in Europe, we will hold a new full day discovery workshop on February 25. Register here !

🔸Marie Potel-Saville is also travelling to Brazil in February. She will be in Rio de Janeiro the 17th of February and in San Paolo the 19th conducting a workshop on ‘BIM PG Business in Motion’ for HI LAW and PG Advogados 🇧🇷

Amurabi Legal Design x PG Advogados