Interview day at Orange !

By 20 October 2019 October 27th, 2019 No Comments

“I’m feeding the machine daily, but the machine does not feed me.”🤖

More often than not, this is what we hear when interviewing users on legal innovation projects. The innovation race is fully on, that’s a fact. 🏎

Many lawyers and management teams still approach innovation as a button they could push to “solve it all” through shiny tools, without looking first at people’s needs, and current processes that might need fixing.

Beyond buzzwords 🐝, how might we ensure that tech available today really benefits the users, and avoid tech for the sake of tech?

That’s precisely what Amurabi is doing in our brilliant new project: designing the adoption strategy of Orange Legal Division digital transformation, partnering with awesome Dominique A., expert in neurosciences & change management 🧠

To us, this is what Legal Design is really about: a multidisciplinary collaboration to put users – humans – at the center of innovation.

Ensuring users own the solutions to change their practice of the law for their own benefit, and that of their clients.👏

Amurabi Legal Design Project for Orange
Views from Orange’s offices