Legal Design, a designer’s perspective 2/4

✨We asked our designers to share their view on Legal Design – more often than not, Legal Design is seen through the lense of lawyers but as we always say, there is no Legal Design without Designers !✨

We interviewed Alexandra Ponzio about her work at the agency :

🎙Why are Legal Design projects interesting to you ?

#Legaldesign allows us to return to the very essence of graphic design, which is to imagine, think and create a communication object accessible to all. It is not a question of doing something aesthetic but to give meaning to complex legal documents, it is a real challenge! I have to refocus my work on the substance by using the form each time.

🎙Looking back at the projects you have worked on, what is your definition of Legal Design ?

For me Legal Design is: using graphic design to make the law accessible and understandable.

Alexandra Ponziot - Amurabi's Legal Designer and Creative Director
Alexandra Ponzio – A designer’s view on legal design

🎙What is the Legal document you dream of redesigning ?

The Code of Hammurabi 😉

🎙If law was an object, what would it be ? A puzzle, very complicated at first, but with patience it becomes more clear and you end up understanding it.

✨Read Alexandra’s full interview in Marie’s thesis on our site.