Legal Design – A Designer’s view by Geoffrey Dorne

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✨We asked our designers to share their view on Legal Design – more often than not, Legal Design is seen through the lense of lawyers but as we always say, there is no Legal Design without Designers !✨

Unbox Compliance Amurabi Legal Design Project

We interviewed Geoffrey Dorne about his work at the agency :

Why are Legal Design projects interesting to you, with regards to your practice ?

Legal Design projects are in line with user-centric design, focusing on the users practices and understanding through graphic design, and modern challenges. These aspects bring a new light to my work and open new perspectives.

Looking back at the projects you have worked on, what is your definition of Legal Design ?

In a clumsy way, I would say “Legal Design is an approach to law with and through design to deliver a more sincere, honest and clear content”.

Airbus Amurabi Legal Design Project

What is the Legal document you dream of redesigning ?

The Future Constitution? 😉

Droits des femmes - Amurabi Legal Design Project

If law was an object, what would it be ?

A one-page, in A4 format. It gives a standard frame but still leaves way for ownership.

Geoffrey, Designer for Amurabi Legal Design Agency