Legal design for lengthy & complex contracts

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to create a satisfying user experience of dense and highly technical contracts ?

Well, we did it ! 🎯

We recently entirely redesigned 45 pages General Terms and Conditions for a major industry player, operating in a highly regulated environment.

▫️We used plain language throughout the document, while keeping the exact same legal scope & meaning. When specific technical terms had to be kept, we used explanation bubbles next to the text to give examples and definitions, to help the reader understand them right away.

▫️We also used graphic illustration of key clauses and key processes to follow – how long do they have to send a document, make a claim or how can conflict are solved between parties.

This enables readers to immediately understand what is at stake and give them tools for action.

If you want to learn more about applying design principles to contracts, and not just NDAs, there still are a few spots available on our dedicated workshop on Feb. 25th – registration is still opened

Let us know what you think !

Amurabi Legal Design Contract