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Are you looking for a legal design agency in Paris ? Our team is here to answer your questions. Amurabi, located in the Parisian 8th arrondissement is one of the pioneer agency in the field. Our experts are here for a specific mission : make law and legal documents understandable by the general public. To achieve this, we put users at the center of our practice and apply a precise methodology based on design principles. Our references and clients speak for themselves and you can trust us for your projects. 

For any enquiries, contact the Amurabi team.

Elisabeth - Amurabi Legal Design Project Manager

 A new discipline

First, it must be noted that legal design in Paris only recently appeared. Initially created in 2014 by Margaret Hagan at the university of Stanford, this new approach to law was developed by the academic world. Then legal design was used for access to law project. It is only three years later than legal design started blossoming in Paris and throughout the world, with the creation of agencies specializing in the field.

To focus on France, it must be stated that legal design is more and more renown and widespread, although there still is significant potential for further growth. This discipline began to be taught at Assas University in 2017 and only from 2020 will it appear on the Sciences Po Law School program taught by Marie Potel Saville, within the General Counsel executive master.

In the academic field, the interest for Legal Design in Paris has been rising, as shown by  professor Bruno Dondero’s opinion at University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.

Amurabi : a pioneer agency, specialized in Legal Design in Paris

In this respect, Amurabi is a innovative agency specialized in Legal Design in Paris. Created by Marie Potel Saville in 2018, Amurabi is one of the first agencies dedicated to this field.

Our expertise meets an increasing demand. Among our client, we our lucky to include leading figures of the French industry. Our references include Renault, Orange, SNCF Mobilité or Airbus. To be precise, Legal Departments of this major actors are reaching out and are enthused by Legal Design in Paris.

Our team

Our Agency specialized in Legal Design in Paris is made of experts who put all their skills, experience and proactivity at your service. Our team is composed of lawyers and talented designer, united around a common philosophy : making complex legal information clear and being innovative at heart. 

Marie Potel-Saville : Amurabi’s founder & CEO

Founder of Amurabi Agency, Marie Potel-Saville combines over 10 years Magic Circle experience at Freshfields and Allen & Overy in London, Brussels, Paris. Furthermore, she was  General Counsel EMEA at Estée Lauder Companies and Chanel. Today, leading Amurabi Agency, she also gives conferences at Sciences Po Paris, Singapore Management University and Paris II Assas.

Geoffrey Dorne

Geoffrey is a graphic and web designer from the National Superior School of Art Deco in Paris (ENSAD) with a 10 year experience. In addition to his work with Amurabi Agency, Geoffrey is a design researcher at EnsadLab in Paris.

Elisabeth Talbourdet

While studying law across several jurisdictions at La Sorbonne & Sciences Po Kings College London and Columbia Law School, Elisabeth acquired experience by working for several prominent law firms in both London and Paris. She was introduced to Legal Design when working in-house and was immediately convinced by this new approach. This is how she joined our agency specialized in legal design in Paris.

Alexandra Ponzio

Alexandra’s mission is to simplify access to law through strategic design. To do so, she leverages her experience in strategic visual communication and several years of experience as an artistic director within luxury brands. She also works as a freelance in graphic design projects and Alexandra is now both Designer and Artistic Director for our agency.

Parvati Pillai

With a master in visual communication from Aalto University, Parvati joined the team as Designer and illustrator. Her skills allow her to create law for the people

Our expertise at your service

Are you looking for an agency specialized in Legal Design in Paris ? We offer our expertise to make law more accessible. We design confidentiality agreements, contracts, compliance programs etc. However, our work is not reduced to making contracts or documents “pretty”. Our expertise and added value is to create user centric documents, by putting users at the core of our practice when applying our methodology, based on design principals. See also Legal Tech.

Our main clients

Our clients is composed of Legal Divisions, Law Firms and Investment funds. Each actor faces different challenges, to which our legal design expertise brings various solutions.

For instance, for Legal Divisions, one of the main challenge is to communicate legal obligations to their business teams. Innovation and Legal Design in Paris are here to help. For Law Firms, it is a different story. Their main concern is to communicate their legal recommendation to their clients in a simple way. Finally, investment funds generally face another type of challenge, which to ensure compliance programs are clearly understood. The complexity of these issues could lead to loosing deals and Legal Design in Paris is an excellent solution to solve this issue.

Legal Design training workshops

In addition to dedicating our expertise to legal design projects for our clients, we also want to share it widely. We often organize training workshops which are meant as an initiation to Legal Design in Paris. We also create tailor-made trainings when needed.

You need an agency in Legal Design in Paris ? You are looking for training in this field ? In both cases, think Amurabi !

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