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Legal technology reflects the transformation process currently ongoing in the legal industry. As it happens, the legal field was relatively calm for over fifty years. Today this evolved by putting new technologies at the service of the law. As you can imagine, there are several repercussions both on the way lawyers work and the user experience of the law. We, at the Amurabi agency, are innovative at heart. We have adopted modern tools to allow us to make law accessible and engaging. 


Legal technology on the rise

Tech evolutions are reaching practically almost all industries. This includes the medical, industrial, real estate sector….and the legal industry is no exception ! If the legal world remained the same for several years, technology has been a true revolution. Several start-up are coming into the legal tech market. According to the permanent observatory of legal tech, France sees as much as 180 start-ups rising in this field. If this number seems high, it still does not compare with other sectors such as fintech, retail tech, etc… However, this was enough to transform the legal industry, a transformation led by clients. 

As new technologies and innovation enthusiasts, our team uses modern tools daily which enable us to clarify the complexity of the law.

Innovation by legal tech – a modern lawyer’s tool

The technological innovation bring several benefits to lawyer’s daily activities. First they allow us to better apprehend the constant regulatory evolution. Furthermore, these tools enable us to automatize repetitive tasks. Thus we gain productivity. Finally, legal tech allows us to simplify access to justice which was until then not always available to the general public.

Innovation by legal design – users before tools

Taking into account our agency’s expertise and specialization in legal design in Paris, our team has always held an innovative approach, making no concession. As a reminder, legal design is a new discipline in the world but also in France and its main goal is to make law more accessible. We use modern tools daily to favorably leverage this legal tech. However, in our approach, we always put users at the center of our preoccupations.

This means we do not use technology because it is trendy. We leverage it to rethink legal processes, always focusing on the users. By using the design thinking methodology, legal design implies research on users, their needs and their journey. Once we have identified the pain points linked to a contract we can use technology and digital documents to present the law in a more intelligible manner.

This work is a team effort, by always leveraging a multi-disciplinary cocreation process.

Amurabi anchored in tech transformation

Legal tech as taken over the legal industry as it did for many other sectors. At Amurabi we embrace in this transformation but always bearing in mind that such important changes can be overwhelming for certain actors. Indeed, legal professionals remain skeptical when facing these new transformations. Others are not totally ready to fully trust legal tech. Other even see this evolution as a danger for their job or their companies.

We see legal tech as an opportunity, bringing about a number of positive outcomes. Technology allows us to be more efficient and to reduce costs. Furthermore, it modernizes the legal industry which had not changed in around fifty years. Legal design leveraging legal tech follows the same purpose of modernizing the legal sector, while maintaining the user at the center of all new developments.

A constant monitoring

As you can imagine, the legal tech sector is an ever involving industry. Indeed, new innovations are brought forward on the market every year. New start-ups are regularly created, offering new tools. In this context, we do a regular monitoring of these new actors. This monitoring is necessary to remain at the forefront of innovation, which is at the heart of what we do at Amurabi. To achieve this, we test as many new tools as possible or participate to legal tech events. Of course, this always focusing on legal design, our field of expertise. 

Developing our own Legal Design tools

In addition to leveraging legal tech, we also built our own tools to be able to address our clients’ needs. These are simple and easy to use tools, at the heart of legal innovation by design. 

Not only do we frequently use many tools dedicated to legal design, we also share them with users who wish to go more in depth. More specifically, we organize several user workshops on legal design in which we present the tools and methodology. Our legal design workshops are based on case study and immediately puts participants in concrete situations. 

Several companies have asked us about or workshop legal design and we use them at the heart of our projects, among clients such as Renault, Airbus, Geodis or the International Commercial Chamber of Belgium.

If you also wish to discover the legal design discipline and all relevant tools, please reach out! Discover now our different workshops.

Concrete examples

Legal design and legal techs serves several purposes. For instance, in one of our project we restructured a privacy policy. To do this, we leveraged design techniques to grasp the users attention and also used neuro-sciences principles to maximize engagement and awareness. 

For an important CAC 40 industry player, we created a platform between lawyers and internal clients to be used as an efficient and reliable legal source of information. This new platform will replace hundreds of emails. In a similar way, we used technology to meet our clients needs, by always putting users at the center of our work.

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