Master Thesis on Legal Design

💡Can shaping the law restore its function ?💡

🔸 18 months of research
🔸 15 years experience of trying to make law better
🔸 Countless week-ends and evening of drafting

💥It’s out !💥

Our CEO & founder, Marie Potel-Saville just released her professional thesis – available here.

Marie Potel Saville Master Thesis on Legal Design

Today, perhaps more than ever, the law suffers from ineffectiveness: blind consent has become the rule online -the “I accept” box could have been renamed “I don’t care!” a long time ago, compliance programmes often remains unapplied, and the gap between the law and citizens is widening.

At a time when legal design has become a “buzzword” in the small world of legal innovation, this professional thesis explores the ability of design to restore the effectiveness of law.


This thesis written as part of the ENSCI – Les Ateliers Master in Innovation by Design is only in French for now, but the English version will be released 🔜

💬 What is your experience of the impact of Design on legal content ? Have you tried it ? Did it work ? Share your insights with us or drop us a line