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Pitching with Vinci

Bengs consultancy selected us to be part of the “inspiration day” of a Large French Group project to build the digital roadmap of legal functions. Among 12 other innovative firms, we pitched not just in front of lawyers but also business teams. Feedback was super positive! And we met with likely-minded innovators, which is always nice.

July 2019

Video interview for Le Monde du Droit

Catch Marie, our founder, discuss all things Amurabi in an interview for French legal journal, Le Monde du Droit.

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The interview


Notre contribution au magazine Compliances

?'Comment concevoir la diffusion d'une culture de conformité autrement qu'en s'intéressant aux utilisateurs?' Retrouvez notre contribution à la revue Compliances, où Marie, notre fondatrice, aborde la question du langage clair qui s'inscrit dans une approche centrée sur l'utilisateur, pour concevoir des programmes de compliance engageants et actionnables.

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June 2019

Les Parlements Workshop

Our founder, Marie presented the project Les Parlements with her team, aiming to change the way citizens interract with the French Assembly, through design ! ?

This project took place as part of the Innovation Lab at the French Parliament, thanks to the ENSCI - Les Ateliers ENA - Ecole Nationale d'Administration Sciences Po École Polytechnique Chair.


First prototype showing with Moët Hennessy

We presented the first global Privacy Policy prototype for GDPR day, before all Moët Hennessy's DPOs. This was about getting users' feedback and iteration. Stay tuned for the final result !
This project took place as part of the Innovation Lab at the French Parliament, thanks to the ENSCI - Les Ateliers ENA - Ecole Nationale d'Administration Sciences Po École Polytechnique Chair.

June 2019

CNIL 'Data & Design' - at Station F

Along with the CNIL we explored user-centric ways to ensure informed consent during the workshop « Data & Design », in the GQ of French start ups Station F.

? More than ever Designers and lawyers are encouraged to collaborate. These aren't our words, but the CNIL's innovation laboratory !

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New ways to practice Law conference at the Lille CCI

Marie, our founder, join the panel at the « New ways to practice Law » conference, organized by the Lille CCI. We discussed how Design should be taken into account from the very beginning when creating legal documents and the necessity to focus on form to ensure functional legal tools.

The Event

June 2019

Compliance by Design at Jurismus

Marie, our founder, gave a presentation on 'Compliance by design' during the Jurismus congress 'Paris and the lights of innovation'. ✨ This working session was the opportunity to illustrate how design enhances users engagement with Compliance programs. Thanks Eurojuris International for organizing it !

The Event


Unveiling the results of the 1st GDPR Barometer

Dalloz, AFJE and Data Legal Drive trusted us to create an impactful dataviz of the results of the 1st GDPR Barometer study. We were happy to share our work to a very full house at AFJE.

May 2019

Teaching Legal Innovation at Assas

Along with Sumi Saint Auguste, we gave a series of classes at Assas, 'Transformation Digitale du Droit & Legal Tech'


Legal Design training in Dubai

Teaming up with LexisNexis and DIFC Academy of Law, Marie delivered legal design training in Dubai. Over several days of intense workshops, participants were introduced to designing contracts that users want to read, and designing law for the internet

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BNP Paribas learning expedition at Station F

We were part of the the learning expedition of BNP Paribas: at Station F, we shared our thoughts and insights on the future of law.

January 2019

Speaking at HEC & Young Avotech roundtable

At the round table hosted by HEC Alumni and Young Avotech, Marie Potel and Alexandre Menais, the executive Vice president and GC at ATOS, shared insights about the value created for companies thanks to Legal Design.


Speaking at the CNIL round table

Marie Potel was invited by LINC, the Innovative & Prospective laboratory of the CNIL, at the round table organized for the publication of the latest Innovation & Prospective booklet: 'the form of choice'.

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