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We’re here to help, and spread the word. So we’ve developed user-friendly tools to kick-start your journey into legal innovation by design. Fell free to download, use and share! And tell us what you think.

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Photo credits: Kwerk Haussmann

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Articles & Research



An introduction to legal design

Thomson Reuters Practical Law, May 2019
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Le langage clair, un levier d’action pour la conformité

Compliances n°4 July/August 2019
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Le design comme critère de conformité au RGPD selon la CNIL ?

Medium, O1/2019
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The value of legal design for in-house lawyers

Legal Business World 12/2018
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“How to ensure effective compliance with a time-crunched legal team”

Practical law 12/2018
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À quoi ressemblera le droit dans 10 ans?

Option finance 11/2018
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What Legal Design really stands for

Artificial Lawyer 10/2018
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What we have learnt from organizing the first legal design exhibition

Medium, 10/2018
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C’est quoi le Legal Design ?

Editions Législatives 09/2018
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« La déontologie de l’avocat reste la sienne »

Les Echos, 08/2018
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Why legal design is the answer for time-crunched lawyers

Medium, 07/2018
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My Legal Design Journey – How does a Magic Circle lawyer turned EMEA General Counsel end up creating a legal design agency?

Medium, 06/2018
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Does user consent on internet really exist? GDPR to the rescue

Medium, 05/2018
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Qu’est-ce que le Legal Design ?

Business & Legal Forum 05/2018
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Legal Design, innovation juridique, vecteur de transformation des entreprises

Medium, 10/2018

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Practice Notes


Leading User-Centric Innovation by Design

Lexis Nexis Middle East April /May 2019
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What cannot be automated: Compliance by design

Lexis Nexis Middle East April /May 2019
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Editions Francis Lefebvre: Legal Design, regards croisés

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Ekipio, Guided by curiosity

Dec 2017
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Professional thesis at ENSCI: work in progress! Due by Nov 2019