Stop Covid – 12 keys to understanding and forming an opinion

By 1 June 2020 June 2nd, 2020 No Comments

The French Parliament and Senate have just voted in favour of the StopCovid application, which will be available this weekend. The French Data Protection Authority, CNIL, stressed the importance of voluntariness, minimisation, proportionality, limited duration, impact analysis… but also transparency and accuracy of the information provided to users, which should be “understandable by the greatest number, in clear and simple terms”.

The Conseil National du Numérique recommends “the inclusion, accessibility and fairness of information” and a “user experience”: “simplifying the installation and use of the application as much as possible by streamlining its design and using easy to read and understand French” (FALC).

In short, clarity is key.

But several factors are fuelling concerns about StopCOVID:
The concept of contact tracing is unclear to most people…
Many apps are used around the world, more or less respectful of civil liberties.
The different technologies used are not always clear to citizens

Yet it is essential that everyone can understand it, in order to make their own choices.

Our mission: make complexity accessible, giving each person the keys to navigate the app themselves and make decisions. Simple, never simplistic.

You can find the document here !