Stop-Covid: UX, clarity and accuracy of legal information at the heart of health and civil rights issues

🌱On April 24th, the National Digital Council (CNNum) issued an opinion on Stopcovid19 : favourable, in a global strategy, under several conditions including “inclusion, accessibility and the accurate nature of information”.

🌟The Recommendation n°12 of the Council relates to user experience: “Simplify the installation and use of the application as much as possible by streamlining its design and using easy to read and understand French (FALC).”.

💪It is the essence of legal design: making the law accessible and actionable to empower the user.

Empathy and solid expertise to create a satisfying user experience even on technical matters, such as Privacy Policies.

Writing in such clear terms that the reader immediately identifies the information, easily understands what he or she is reading and easily determines what to do. 

Our everyday life and our raison d’être.
Concrete examples in Marie’s medium article.