We are expanding ✨

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🙌 We are delighted to introduce Mai-Anne Benedic as part of our team, who is both a designer and copywriter 🙌

Mai-Anne has been working on several projects, including our litigation case, where we designed written submissions before a French jurisdiction. Mai-Anne’s ability to balance her creative skills and a deep understanding of our clients business mindset was key in delivering this project.

Mai-Anne Benedic - Amurabi Agency Legal Design

Another project we worked on was the redesign of a complex bidding process, shown here. The key element we brought forward in this project was “Collaboration creates value” 🤝, both through the design and the different legal steps (blurred image for confidentiality reasons).

We love the diverse backgrounds of our different designers and believe this is what makes our team unique !

Photos credit: Benoit Drouet, Morning Coworking d’Artois