Welcome to Juliette ✨

🙌 We are delighted to introduce Juliette Nier as part of our team, who graduated from l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs as a graphic designer.

Juliette has been working on several projects, including the digital transformation of the legal division of a major French group. Juliette’s mathematical mind combined with her obvious creative talent has been a great asset to create visuals that help our clients ‘think better’. 💭

Juliette Nier Amurabi Agency Legal Design
Juliette Nier – Designer at Amurabi

Juliette is also currently working on an internal guide on contractual liability, that is meant to be like a dashboard to help non-lawyers piloting liability just as seamlessly as they manage their own projects.

And Juliette created the awesome design of Marie Potel-Saville’s thesis 👏

Juliette’s dedication, rigor, and professionalism only matches her amazing graphic design talent and this is clearly giving us hashtag#mondaymotivation for this week 🌞


Photos credit: © EnsAD – Béryl Libault de la Chevasnerie