What we do at Amurabi?

For in-house lawyers.

As an in-house lawyer, you need to “do ever more with ever less”, earn the right to be listened to by the business and cope with the injunction to innovate.
We’ve been there.
The good news is that Legal Design is an incredibly powerful tool for efficiency, to reveal lawyers as facilitators and drivers of innovation. And retain millennial talent.

For law firms.

Handling technical complexity is your daily challenge, you are experts and leaders in your area, yet you need to convey your advice in a client-friendly manner.
In litigation cases, you need to convince snowed-under judges who often won’t read more than 20 pages while you believe your arguments require 3 times as much.
At Amurabi, we believe Legal design offers a compelling way to visualize complexity and make it more accessible in short documents, while retaining their full legal scope.

We used to be private practice lawyers, in Magic Circle Firms in Europe. Today we put our expertise in legal design at the service of our former colleagues to visualize complex concepts, make them more accessible and easier to read.
In practice, we design written submissions, create visuals (static or videos) which showcase your arguments (procedural timelines, mind-mapping of key arguments, or on the contrary of the weaknesses of the other party’s reasoning, legal entities org charts in complex schemes…).
We also design memoranda, legal opinions, Board presentation decks (key issues in M&A deals, legal and financial schemes, put/call options…)

For investments funds.

Compliance issues can be a show stopper. Ensuring that your investee companies have a real, beyond tick-the-box compliance programme means speedier due diligence, a stronger negotiation position, hence more value.

For everyone

At Amurabi, we are convinced that Legal Design is a powerful tool to improve access to justice. Leveraging over 15 years of associative experience (legal clinics, pro-bono projects ABA and AFPAD…) we know that those who most need access to legal services are those who benefit the least from it. This is why we give our time, expertise and engagement to one pro-bono projet per year.

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Legal Innovation by Design

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