Digital Transformation

"How to lead digital transformation within a large Legal Division ? "

The Challenge

Orange had launched an ambitious transformation project of its legal division, by developing a dozen of new services and tools for the 700 in-house lawyers around the world. Beyond “doing ever more with ever less”, the point was also to regain satisfaction and comfort at work for all lawyers, and obviously to better serve internal clients.

To do so, the Legal Operations Division at Orange applied a user-centric process to create the services and tools: they had identified personas, user journeys, had prototyped solutions and tested them.

The challenge was to ensure that the 700 lawyers at Orange would seamlessly adopt these tools: Orange came to us to create a user-centric “document” to explain the project, and a user-centric roll-out plan to ensure swift ownership.

The Process

User-centricity full-on! And because change management was key, we teamed up with the awesome Dominique Ashby, an expert in change management based on neuro-science.

Together, we conducted 2 rounds of user interviews, aiming at identifying their perception of “tech”, “new tools”, cultural aspects at Orange, possible hurdles and users expectations.

“Seeing is believing”, they told us. We couldn’t agree more. Thus, we created a one-page key visual to announce the project, focusing on user benefits. The form of the visual itself suggests positive change and thrive of the legal division. We also created a full project identity, with a name and a logo, reflecting “legal shining and growing”, as well as an internal website presenting each of the tools and their benefits for users.

The Results

The concrete result is a key and long-lasting asset for the Legal Division at Orange. It’s an internal website which immediately generated emotion among users & created the expected leverage effect to generate engagement with new tech tools and new ways of working.

In my view, Legal Design is inherent to the transformation of legal divisions: it is both tailored and key to legal change management. ” Thierry Perrouault, General Counsel in charge of Innovation within Orange’s Legal Division

Find Thierry Perrouault’s full interview on our blog

"How to engage business teams with lengthy contract process ? "

The Brief

This major global industrial player came to Amurabi to fix a problem their commercial teams were facing negotiating high stakes contracts. Business teams would call the Legal Division minutes before entering negotiation from their car asking for “What sounds legal?” – unsure of which clauses could be negotiated and of the process to follow.

The Process

Focusing on the current user experience, to understand the information gaps and blind spots. During an in-depth work session with users, we elaborated several user journey to understand what their pain-points and challenges were. We focused on their perception of the law, current practices and information they needed to be comfortable in negotiating legal terms.

The Results

We changed the format from a static PDF to a digital-native document, to ensure on-the-go business teams could access it from anywhere (mobile, Ipads…). At first, a one-pager cover gives an overview of the entire process, to help users know where they stand. Each step can then be clicked to uncover in-depth information : the good legal reflexes to have in a specific situation, which clauses can be negotiated or not, what wording to use, who to contact… All the necessary information in a short and interactive document, for a smooth user experience of contract processes.

" The one voice of the Legal Division : a digital platform between lawyers & their internal clients "

The Brief

This major global industrial player came to Amurabi to create a Digital Platform, to leverage the tremendous know-how of the legal division.  The idea was to give this knowledge on a single point of entry instead conducting individual recommendations or documents would only be shared by email. The goal for this platform was to be the “one voice” of the Legal Team – to make legal recommendations clear and easily accessible, to save everyone time.

The Process

To ensure engagement, we co-created wireframes of platforms with representatives from different business teams. We wanted the platform to be focused on their own user journey, setting aside the lawyer’s point of view. Instead of pushing templates to operational, the platform focuses on their current business routine and gives them a point of entry into the documents they will need at a specific point in time : delivering the right information at the right time.

The Results

A dedicated platform centralizing interactions between the legal teams and their internal clients. The user-centric creation process was very well received, as this platform is a very ambitious project, radically stepping away from current practices. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are working on a V2 of the platform, to find the best way for it to become part of the client’s routine. The platform could also be expanded to other projects for it to become a reference for all legal topics.