User-centric training

"How to create engaging and truly efficient internal training?"

The Brief

Our client trusted us to redesign a series of internal trainings, to make them truly accessible, engaging and actionnable.

The process

Amurabi organized a workshop with the main users of the training: a representative selection of the main business people concerned. The aim was to go through their user journey when faced with the legal issues at stake, identify their main pain points and expectations. Further to the analysis of the insights gained during the workshop, we created a first prototype which is currently being refined based on the legal division’s comments. The next step is the validation workshop with the users.

The Results

A visual and interactive designed presentation used a main support for training. Through the training, the right legal information is delivered to user at the right time, taking into account their journey, to ensure full understanding and avoid information overload.

"How to manage labour law risks in a user-centric way?"

The Brief

Malt came to Amurabi with a strategic need: have large corporate clients better understand the real labour law risks and solutions about freelancing, to boost its development in Europe. How to untangle myths from reality, and help clients fully comply with a complex legal framework?

The process

Given the sensitivity of the topic, which includes criminal sanctions, workshops were not appropriate. We applied full user-centricity through individual interviews of general counsels and purchasing directors to precisely identify their user journey, contraints, needs and expectations. Our first prototype was then tested through a second round of individual interviews of the same users. We also submitted our prototype to Malt’s external legal advisor, a renown labour law specialist firm.

The Results

A clear and precise description and illustration of the Malt legal model. A powerful concept: « real independence is the key to your safety. » A 2mn sanity check to make business people aware of the impact of their behavior in their everyday job on labour law risks, followed by engaging do’s & don’ts. KPI’s are being measured.

"Creating compliance training users will never forget: storytelling."

The Brief

Design a training to help business stakeholders navigate complex legislation and understand how compliance requirements apply directly to them.

Why? Complex, heavy and authoritative compliance programs have flourished, but they often miss a key point: catching the user’s attention, for real.

The Result

We leveraged real, publicly available material: « criminal transactions » (deferred prosecution agreements) available on AFA’s site: real situations, very insightful as to what went wrong.

Using story telling, we created a training which is both thrilling (the scene: Lybia, the characters, etc.) and totally resonating with business stakeholders’ daily concerns.

The Insight

Legal design is not just about visualisation, it is  also about story telling.