"How to evidence the value of ESG to investors in 10mn?"

The Brief

This private equity fund based in Asia came to Amurabi to solve a strategic issue in their relationships with their own investors and investee companies: Environmental and Social Governance (« ESG ») is the cornerstone of their investment policy but is mostly perceived as constraints and additional costs. How to evidence the value created by ESG in a 10mn presentation?

The process

Our starting point was the ESG policy of the fund and a few internal training decks – overall about 60 pages. We only had 1 week to produce the presentation: no time for a workshop. Applying user-centricity thus implied merely putting ourselves in the shoes of investors and applying design conception tools such as 5 Times Why. We also thoroughly researched the topic and relied on IFC’s and CDC’s materials and statistics.

The Results

A dynamic and visual presentation that starts with what matters most to investors: compelling figures. The whole presentation is centered on the business case for ESG, and measurement. A distinct version is directed at investee companies and a third one is planned for the internal team.