Our project for all

Fighting against cyberviolence with Respect Zone

Respect Zone, a well-known association acting against cyberviolences, shed light on the fact that individuals harassed online did not know what their rights were or how to exercise them. With Respect Zone, we aim to create an app, which would help people in similar situations to effectively exercise their right.


Access to legal information is important, but even more so if users truly understand it and are encouraged to use it through simple tools and tips. This is why we apply the “Legal Design” methodology to create this app. We start with the users needs, their journey and identify their pain points, limitations, frustrations etc, to address all the essential topics and define the design of the app.

This project is ongoing. Should you wish to add your testimony in an anonymous way to help us create the most efficient interface, do not hesitate to contact us!

The Parliaments : bringing the voice of citizens to the French Parliament

The Parliaments is a group project stemming from the Innovation by Design Master degree at ENSCI, under the patronage of the Public Innovation Chair ENA ENSCI.

In this project, we created a methodology and a series of events to gather members of the French Parliament and citizens around a theme, which would later become the center of debates to pass a new law.

Designed to be an innovative democratic experience, the Parliaments create a space for qualitative debates, nurture the parliamentary work and give tangible proof of participation.

Access the Parliament website here : https://lesparlements.carrd.co/

Women’s rights : Holding the cards for your rights


Because citizens who most need access to their rights are those who benefit from it the least. Women who are victims of violence or inequalities often feel “alone” although many structures to help them exist. Recent news have shed light on the difficulties women face when trying to appropriate and exercise their right on a daily basis.

The project?

A content/object based the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to help women fully understand them and most importantly use them when needed. They can take them everywhere (in the streets or at work) not to feel powerless and can use them in the moment or on the long run to defend themselves.

We analyzed the data collected to identify more precisely the problem we were facing : “women don’t feel sufficiently independent or equal to men, so we will create an object which will allow them to realize and exercise their independence, right away.”

The result?

A deck of cards illustrated with inspiring feminine figures, quotes to boost confidence, practical information to keep for yourself or to share, or even to oppose them in sensitive situations, when words are difficult to find and express.